Sighişoara - Târnava Mare

The site of community importance Sighișoara Târnava Mare - Natura 2000 protected area has been designated for grassland habitats, lakes, bushes and meadows, forests of different types (all habitats of European interest) and for numerous species of flora and fauna dependent on them. 

The area is of international importance, thanks to the large grasslands, probably the last ones in Europe, which are perfectly functional from an ecological point of view. Their traditional management has established a balance between human activities and nature, which has remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. 

In 2008, the Târnava Mare area was approved as Natura 2000 site by the Government of Romania and the EU Environment DG (Site of Community Interest, SCI, under the EU Habitats Directive) and covers approximately 85,000 ha. The Târnava Mare area has been and it is an important pilot area at national level for testing EU incentives for good grassland management.

How to Visit:

The Natura 2000 protected areas are best discovered on foot, by horseback or by bicycle, on the marked routes that leave each village. No visit fee - for guided tours, call Guides or local agencies.


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