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10+ reasons to visit Transylvanian Highlands

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

1. Time flows by its own rules here

Bordered by three rivers (Târnava Mare, Hârtibaciu and Olt) Transylvanian Highlands reveals a varied but enchanting landscape: high hills, slow slopes, eagles, bears, fairy tale fortified churches and villages, good healthy food, made from local ingredients, craftsmen, traditions, tales and legends. It is the perfect place to travel in time and into your soul. Everything invites you to rest and enjoy nature: gentle or more rushing hills, decorated with hundred of thousands of tireless butterflies and magic flowers with healing properties. The oak and sessile oak forests offer you shade and coolness on hot days. They also  invite you to discover footsteps of protected wild animals that live here like the mighty bear or the delicate deers. The hidden villages, scattered over the hills, still retain their former charm, when some of them were important medieval privileged seats like Agnita or Cincu

The people of Transylnian Highlands have beautiful and varied tales that you can't find in books or on the internet, but which will surely fascinate you. Their connection to nature is unique and dates back centuries - harmony and respect govern these secular connection and that make this place the "last truly medieval landscape in Europe" (Dr. Andrew Jones).

Toamna superbă în Colinele Transilvaniei
Toamna la Biertan (c) Jeno Major

2. 500 de km of tourist trails will help you stay active while discove