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The Destination Management Unit hosted for the period 2015 - 2023 by the Mioritics Association is the one that integrates the local ingredients and values of the area in an action plan agreed by partners so that the destination Transylvania Hills, in 2023, will be recognized as an ecotourism destination by quality, managed in a professional manner, known nationally and internationally, where tourists come in an increasing number, especially to enjoy the natural mosaic landscape and to experience life in well-managed villages in which people mainly live from local products and services created, through the sustainable use of natural resources and cultural values.

Cristina Iliescu - Destination Manager

As a training engineer and born in Sighisoara, Cristina is organically linked to the Transylvanian Hills. First as a member of the community and then, starting in 2010, as part of the team elaborating the Strategy for visiting the protected area Sighişoara Târnava Mare Podișul Hârtibaciului. With experience in sustainable development and project management, Cristina is part of the Transylvanian Hills Team from the beginning, as a responsible strategy and partnerships (2015 - 2019). With tens of thousands of miles traveled along and along the destination, he knows the area in detail, on the grass and believes strongly in the potential of the area, but especially in the communities and local actors. Especially when they work together.

"The people of the Hills are the main asset of the destination and you must come and get to know them!"

Florentina Florescu - Responsible partner

Ecologist with a master's degree in Sustainable Development, Florentina has extensive experience in developing and implementing projects for nature conservation, ecotourism and education for sustainable development. She has been working in the Hills area since 2005 and is attached to this area, being involved in nature conservation projects together with local communities. He considers this area to be extraordinary through its natural and cultural richness and especially through local initiatives. All of these ingredients are definitely the most important in having an ecotourism destination where the experiences are wonderful.


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