Meadows with unique flowers

Natural meadows with different flower species, almost extinct elsewhere in Europe.
From the first signs of spring, the Transylvanian Highlands are flooded with the vivid colors of the spontaneous flora that can still be found in our area and, many tourists and specialists say, it is no longer found elsewhere.
In May, you indulge various species of wild orchids (with unfamiliar names such as poroin or cow butter), but also the spring or lamb's tail.
During the months of June-August, the meadows explode with the appearance of clovers, bluebirds, daisies, field sage, sciatica, field chickpeas, bells, wild carrot or devil's bait.

Autumn is the time of the gentian, saffron, or autumn logs.

The natural and semi-natural habitats of old forests (over 80 years) and grasslands, with high biodiversity are prevalent, arable lands are few, and unfavorable areas, such as industrial ones, are almost completely absent. The natural picture is complemented by a rich network of valleys with naturally flowing streams, creating large meanders, valleys with specific meadow vegetation, with willows, poplars and old anins, important habitats for many species of flora. and wildlife that provide important ecological services.

We have Colinele Transilvaniei avem 🍀more that1.000 flora species = aprox. 30% from Romanian Flora, 10 Natura 2000 species and 77 protected on the national level!

You can find here a nice brochure with indicator plant. 

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