Apple Day


Mihai Eminescu Trust, Livada Mălâncrav, Experience Transylvania

A reason for a common holiday, Apple Day has become one of the most beautiful traditions in Mălâncrav and is eagerly awaited by both locals and visitors.

The tradition of this holiday dedicated to the symbol of the village - the tasty and crunchy apple in great demand in the area - began ten years ago, at the initiative of the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation. Over time, the place and time of the event have changed several times. In spring, it was called the "Feast of the Apple Blossom," and then the day was moved to the fall, on the first or second Sunday in October.
Also called "Harvest Day", the event is now called "Apple Day".

As every year, Apple Day will delight you with:
- Fair of organic products
- Craft demonstrations
- Artistic program with music and folk dances
- Workshops, competitions and activities for children and young people

Full detailed schedule will pe posted in due time.


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