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Weinfest 2023




15 septembrie 2023, 15:00:00

Organized by:

Asociația pentru reconstrucția Vechii Metropole de vin a Transilvaniei, Asociația Pusteblume Mediaș, Forumul Democrat German Medias, Asociația Locului Natal

Turrepitz is waiting for you to buy a ticket!
A soulful social event in its 4th edition. A great outdoor wine tasting, along with masterclasses, surprises from the world of wine, gastronomy, ambient music and not only that. The price of the ticket gives access to free tastings.
We are waiting for you in the Castle Square in Mediaș (courtyard of the Trumpets Tower) in a dreamy atmosphere, and the latest creations of the present wineries will delight your taste buds.

Details and bookings:

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