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Sibiu Cycling Tour comes to Transylvanian Highlands




4 iulie 2022, 05:00:00

Organized by:

Clubul Sportiv Sibiu Sport Project

A new edition of the Sibiu Cycling Tour will take place between July 2 and 6.

The second stage will pass through the Transylvanian Highlands on July 4, on the following route: Sibiu - Slimnic - Șeica Mare - Axente Sever - Copșa Mică - Mediaș - Moșna - Bârghiș - Alțâna - Nocrich - Cornățel - Nucet - Avrig - Bâlea Lac.

Let's encourage the competitors along the route and enjoy the scenery of the Highlands.

Photo credit: Sibiu Cycling Tour

Details and bookings:

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