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Murals in fortified churches: a cultural tour around Mediaș


Biserica Evang. Sf. Margareta Mediaș


23 aprilie 2023, 07:00:00


Walking Tour Mediaș, Colinele Transilvaniei

We propose a cultural tour focused on the murals - from the pre-Reformation period - of three lesser-known and less visited fortified churches around Mediaș: Dârlos, Șmig, Curciu.

Each church offers surprises both in terms of architecture and painting.
For example, in Curciu, we find murals that belong more to an international Gothic style - found in the noble palaces of the Kingdom of Hungary.
At Dârlos we have a Gothic portal next to a Renaissance portal (and what a simpler way to learn to tell them apart) and a painting of two Orthodox saints (among others).
At Şmig, a small church without a tower, with a large painted surface, where excavation work was also done in the summer of 2022.

(Note: the cover image is for presentation purposes and was taken in the church in Mălâncrav, which is not included in this tour.)

Meeting: 10:00 a.m., in front of the Via Transilvanica stop in front of the evangelical church of Saint Margaret
The experience is designed so that we travel with a minibus. It's a cultural tour, not a hike: we get off, visit the sights, walk around the village, return to the minibus.

Route information:
Total duration of the experience: 3-4 hours
Mandatory equipment:
Seasonally appropriate clothing – hat, waterproof jacket
Water bottle
𝐡𝐡𝐝: Ioana Patrășcoiu
Information by phone: 0 729 05 06 36
Costs: 125 lei/person
The price includes: guide, transport, entrances to the 3 churches, a portion of donuts in Curciu
Available places: 7

Detalii și rezervări:

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