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Truverii: Medieval Love


Bastionul Măcelarilor - cetatea Sighișoara


30 iulie 2023, 16:30:00

Organized by:

CultFort - Fortareata culturala, Fundația Mihai Eminescu Trust

The medieval and traditional music group TRUVERII brings back the melodiousness and joy of the music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also the freshness and originality of traditional rhythms from different areas of Europe.

The performances of the Truverii are a musical journey, a "Peregrinatio" throughout the centuries throughout Europe, in which the traveling public has the opportunity to meet rhythms from Transylvania, with songs dedicated to the Holy Mary from the 13th century from the collection "Cantigas di Santa Maria" by Alfonso X or "Libre Vermell de Montserrat", the music of the troubadours that animated the medieval courts, but also the taverns of the time, with dances such as the tarantella and pizzica from Southern Italy, dances from Estonia, Occitan, Breton love stories and legends scandinavian Their music conveys the zest for life, humor and good will that animated medieval towns and popular celebrations.

The relationships between men and women have always been important subjects in the artistic illustrations of traveling troubadours. The wanderers artists of the past centuries made fun, either musically or through small theatrical skits, of these amorous and conjugal events, found in their passage through fairs and villages or even experienced by them.
The show unites several stories of medieval social and conjugal life told either musically or theatrically.

Entrance: ticket based on donation - 5 lei / adult.
Pensioners and children up to 14 years old have free entry.
Entry within the limit of 50 available places, starting at 19:00.
You're welcome!

Details and bookings:

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