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Transylvania Live @Blacksmith Tower




26 iunie 2021, 17:00:00

Organized by:

Turnul Fierarilor, Mihai Eminescu Trust, UCIMR, Icon Arts Academy, SIAF, I Love Sighișoara.

This year's "Transylvania Live" season will take place in Sighisoara, in the Blacksmiths' Tower between June 26 and August 28. Nationally renowned artists will step on the doorstep of the Tower and give concerts in a unique setting.

The first event out of the 10 events already scheduled has Adrian Nour (vocals) and Ciprian Pop (guitar) as protagonists and it will take place on June 26, starting with 20:00, at the Blacksmiths' Tower.

The number of seats at the event is limited to 70 people and the price of a ticket is 40 lei.
Tickets can be found physically at the Blacksmiths' Tower starting with June 22 or online, here: cetatea-medievala-sighisoara.html? fbclid = IwAR0RkpZ5NZHC-_XLqPfdtiTQmhzwLr58IXnmBtw5i0T1iAcfzrtQVWAkW8Q

Details and bookings:

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