Zacusca Fest 2022




3 septembrie 2022, 08:00:00


Vecinătatea Femeilor din Saschiz, Centrul de Voluntariat Saschiz, Asociația AUM, Camping Zori, Colinele Transilvaniei

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Dedicated to all those who love zacusca, their families and friends, the first edition of Zacusca Festival encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle, in the community of Cloaşterf, halfway between Sighișoara and Rupea.

We welcome you at Camping Zori on September 3, 2022, starting with 9:00 AM, to cook together and prepare our jars for the winter in a relaxing setting, with joy and outdoor fun.

Those who wish to try and prepare the zacusca, can join one of the 5 teams and can take home some goodies. While the teams are still cooking, guests are invited to spend quality time outdoors socializing, tasting zacusca and enjoying our program.
The event is kids friendly - the volunteers of the Saschiz Volunteer Center have prepared some fun activities in the courtyard of the fortified church across the road.

We are still working on the event schedule. We will be back soon with details.

Detalii și rezervări: