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Haferland Week in Cloașterf




31 iulie 2021, 12:30:00

Organized by:

Săptămâna Haferland, Fundația ADEPT Transilvania, Dominic Boutique, Camping Zori

The ninth edition of the largest festival dedicated to Saxon culture and traditions in Transylvania, Haferland Week, will take place physically and online, from July 30 to August 1.

Program Cloașterf

03.30pm – Lecture “Traditional Saxon Symbols in Today’s Everyday Life”, given by the folk artist Manuela Ivan, in Dominic Boutique
04.00pm – Jazz concert by the “Sibiu Jazz Quintet”, in Dominic Boutique
04.50pm – Tour of the inns in Cloașterf Event organized by the “ADEPT Transilvania” Foundation.
06.00pm – Project presentation – “Eco-social tourism network” – Cloașterf, in Camping Zori. Event organized by the “ADEPT Transilvania” Foundation.

Details and bookings:

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