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Self-knowledge retreat through Yoga & Ayurveda


Casa Noah Experience House


7 iulie 2022, 12:30:00

Organized by:

Casa Noah Experience House, Karunasmi Yoga, Stelian Burduhos, Anca Branovici-Burduhos

✨ Come to Noah's House with a magical retreat of self-knowledge by combining two ancient disciplines: Yoga and Ayurveda.
🧘🏻‍♀️ Through Yoga we move the stagnant energy in the body, bring our attention inward, and calm the fluctuations of the mind, and Ayurveda teaches us what is beneficial for the unique typology of each of us and how to adjust our balance as subtly as possible.
Yoga practices will be adapted according to the level of each participant.
🌕 The period of July 7-10 will be in an expanding energy, which will culminate with the Full Moon on July 13. From an energy point of view, this period is a beneficial one for creating abundance on all levels and releasing everything that is no longer useful to us.
We invite you, thus, to an event of withdrawal from the daily rush, of self-knowledge at the most subtle levels and to a reflection and integration of energies on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, in a place that you will fall in love with.

☸ The stay includes:
● 3 nights accommodation in wonderful Saxon houses
● 6 meals and 3 vegetarian snacks - breakfast, snack, dinner, teas, soft drinks
● Full Moon ritual and campfire
● 5 yoga sessions with Anca
● 1 sound bath session with Tibetan bowls
● Ayurveda Workshop with Stars
● Integration Game Session
● Hiking in nature
● Massage at the Zen Barn Spa - Elena
● AromaTouch relaxation technique
Transportation is not included.

🟢 Packages:
Single room: 2190 lei
Place in a double room: 1750 lei / person
Full details in the presentation below:
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Details and bookings:

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