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Harvest Day Picnic at Mălâncrav Gardens




11 septembrie 2021, 11:00:00

Organized by:

Grădinile Mălâncrav, Colinele Transilvaniei

Join us in celebrating this year's harvest, through a country picnic with seasonal fruits. 🍅🍆🥕

Registrations can be made through the form: or by private message on the Grădinile Mălâncrav page.

Price: 100 RON. No fee for children.

We are making delicious appetizers with vegetables from the garden, but we are also heating a cauldron to delight the carnivores! 🥩

The menu includes:

- Eggplant salad
- ”Lichiu” with onion and cabbage
- Local cheeses and sausages
- Homemade pita bread with zacusca and basil pesto
- Eggplant salad with baked peppers
- Fried zucchini
+ other fresh vegetables and fruits.

Main dish:
- Boiled goulash and potatoes

- Apple and plum pies

- Local wine, mineral water, plain water, shock lemonade.

Plenty of fresh air! 😋

Details and bookings:

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