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Transylvanian Wildlife Local Picnic


Angofa Wildlife Center


21 august 2021, 13:00:00

Organized by:

Angofa Wildlife Tours, Fundația ADEPT Transilvania, Colinele Transilvaniei

The Angofa Wildlife Center is waiting for you on August 21, starting at 4 pm at an event that celebrates the area's biodiversity and the last weeks of summer.

We will prepare a picnic from the delicious local products, which you will enjoy in a charming atmosphere in the courtyard of the centre of Angofa.

In addition to local food, we are preparing an interpretive walk, perfect for children but also for adults, where we will explore the area in search of different species where we will have a presentation on what biodiversity conservation means and how we can participate in conservation actions in everyday life.

Join us to celebrate the beauty of nature and the flavour of local dishes!
We have only 30 seats available and tickets can only be purchased online.

Time schedule:
16:30 - 18:30 - Presentation and interpretive walk
18:30 - 20:00 - Discussions and picnic from local products

Details and bookings:

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