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A local experience on Via Transilvanica | Mediaș - Richiș




7 mai 2022, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Anii Drumeției

On Saturday, May 7, we set off on Via Transilvanica and cover all 23 km to reach Richiș, where we will rest and get more acquainted with what the village has to offer.

More than a hike, we will have an experience: once in Richiș we will have a rich meal @Guesthouse Richis At the Richvini Court (as for long-distance hikers), visiting the fortified church, the host and the "Green Man" , pagan spirit of the ancient Saxons) and we will return by minibus / bus.
Meeting: 10:00, near the Golden Tower / Forkesch, Mediaș (46.16240381279949, 24.355251781465956)
Address: 15 Nicolae Iorga Street
If you come with:
The 8.05 train from Sibiu: get out of the train station, turn right, up, on the street
Sibiu bus: as you have the bus station on the left, you have to go to the right
Personal car: there is a free parking on weekends, fixed opposite the Mediaș Bus Station (ie at the intersection of Kogălniceanu with Unirii)

It is a tour suitable for beginners who walk a lot (even in the city).
About the trail:
Route difficulty: long, but easy (sometimes medium) difficulty;
Distance: 23 km;
Altitude difference: 200 m;
Total duration of the hike: 5 hours and 30 minutes;
Recommended minimum age for participation of children: 14 years;

Costs: 190 lei / person

The price includes: guide, meal in Richiș (3 dishes @Guesthouse Richis At the Richvini Court), entrance to the Richiș evangelical church, place in the minibus back to Mediaș
The trip will be made with a minimum number of 6 people.
The number of available seats is limited to 9 people.
The "Hiking Years" program is initiated and funded by the Sibiu County Council, in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association.
The main purpose is to improve the hiking infrastructure in the county and to promote ecotourism-specific activities.

Details and bookings:

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