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Nocturnes at the Castle


Biserica fortificată din Apold


13 mai 2023, 13:00:00


Asociația CasApold

The CasApold Association organizes on May 13, 2023 the annual event Noctambuli la Castel on the occasion of which it launches TRANS.FORT, an adaptive reuse project in the Apold Fortified Church. It involves the adaptation of the interior of some of the fortress premises in spaces harmonized with the needs of the current society, thus providing the context suitable for contemporary experiences, in a medieval setting.
Contemporary art and artistic interventions out of the space of a typical gallery, will be presented in an off-space exhibition setting, in parallel with exhibitions of research and documentation of local history and presentation of conservation and restoration activities, undertaken by the members of the CasApold Association in the last 20 years. The fortress will also come alive, generating prolific spaces for open discussions and immersive experiences.
The opening event will take place from noon until late at night, during which the entire fortification and the interior of the Apold church will acquire a new dimension and a utility adapted to the needs of the present, reintegrating timeless spaces into the current mentality.

Daniel Gaciu (contemporary artist, Bucharest)
Ioana Ardelean (architect, creator of contemporary jewelry, Apold - Bucharest)
Pojarnitza (wild flora guide, Bucharest-Sibiu)
Members of the Open Landscape Forum

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