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A night at the Museum - Village edition - Discover Zlagna


sat Zlagna nr. 85, comuna Bârghiș


2 septembrie 2023, 08:00:00

Organized by:

Școala Postliceală Auxila Mediaș, Teracota Mediaș

In the small village hidden among the hills, between Mediaș and Agnita, join us in the yard of the household at no. 85 in Zlagna, for a special program that includes:

- from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - guided visit of the Zlagna Fortified Church;
- between 14:00-18:00 - exhibition of handmade tiles from Teracota Mediaș and pottery workshops for children;
- from 18:00 - musical program with Arpad Czika;

Throughout the day: painting exhibition, tastings of doughnuts, lychee, sausage, pita.

Partners and/or sponsors of the event:
Auxila Mediaș Post-secondary School, Teracota Mediaș

Media partners of the event:
Nova TV, Monitorul de Mediaș, Radio Mediaș

Details and bookings:

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