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A night at the Museum - Village edition - Discover Richiș


Biserica ortodoxă Richiș


2 septembrie 2023, 13:45:00

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On September 2, 2023 we celebrate the Night of the Living Museum, at home in Richiș, the place where for a few hours, people from the community become living exhibits that will present occupations, passions and vocations. We thought of moving the static museum to the Saxon households, full of life, joy and passion.

We propose the following knowledge stations, starting at 16:45.

1) The Orthodox Church - father Bacilă will tell us with grace and passion about the component parts
of the church and the most important cult objects. (The Orthodox Church)
2) Willi Untch apiary - our neighbor will share the secrets of the apiary and the beekeeper's job.
The children will wear masks and enter in groups of 5. (Richiș 293)
3) Holzbau carpentry workshop Rummel- Christian and Domnica open the carpentry workshop in
village for a practical and profitable meeting prepared for children. (Richis 12)
4) The village herd has decreased a lot in recent years, so before the cows become pieces
of the real museum, we thought of going together to learn from the neighbor Năstaca how to
also takes care of how to milk a cow. (Richis 118)
5) The Tataru family opens their personal library and awaits us with a small illustration exhibition
of original books and book binding models (Richiș 127)
6) The Parochial House opens its doors to young and old visitors and we will practice related to
how guests are expected in a tourist spot in the village. (Rich No. 2)

Details and bookings:

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