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Nature and architecture in a photo - camp in Transylvania with Adrian Arsu




9 iulie 2021, 15:00:00

Organized by:

Andrada's House Soars, Adrian Arsu Films

How long has it been since the last photography camp you attended?
Trapped in the house during lock-down for too much time?
Or have you never been to one because you timidly discovered your attraction to this form of artistic expression?
In Șoarș we will come together in one #camp: a small group of #photography enthusiasts. Under the guidance of Adrian Arsu, will seek to discover new places or unique angles of landscapes, fortified churches and their architecture, connecting us to the rural and natural beauty.

The program will be divided into days as follows:
Friday, July 9. Check-in, followed by a dinner at which participants will meet under the guidance of photographer Adrian Arsu.
Saturday, July 10. Transylvanian Highlands: Rodbav - Cincu - Toarcla - Gherdeal - Bruiu - Șomartin.
Sunday, July 11. Transylvanian Highlands meets Făgăraș County: Șoarș - Făgăraș - Rucăr - Cârța, the locality and the Cistercian Monastery.
For those who opt for the third night of accommodation, the program continues:
Sunday, July 11. On more day in Transylvanian Highlands: Hosman - Cornățel - Nou Român - Șoarș.

It is necessary to come equipped with a camera and with good mood and interest, because the camp will take place in a relaxed environment that will aim to answer questions, remove confusion through trial and personal and group observations, guided, and more chosen to facilitate the discovery of places with the potential to tell a story that turns an image into thousands of words!

Accommodation: Andrada's House, in twin rooms.
Please contact us if you want such a room for one person.
Camp cost: 275 lei per night / person, with 10% discount for the 3rd night.
The package includes half board and picnic.
Places are limited and occupied as you book and pay.
Reservation by completing the questionnaire here:

Details and bookings:

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