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Musai Experience: Donkey Days


Alma Vii


5 decembrie 2020, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Organizator / Event organizer: Asociatia MyTransylvania

My Transylvania Association, in collaboration with different partners, brings up an ingenious concept. Musai Experience is a series of events that will take place in mountain areas and around the highlands of Transylvania and will include sports and well-being activities, picnic, crafts, culinary and agricultural workshops, dinner with the locals and sleeping in tents.

Active family escapes in rural Transylvania and the Carpathians: tasting weekends in small communities

Slow travel: 3 days - one village
Help the community: 5 sports challenges with picnic / 5 workshops of local experiences

- sports activities and well-being -
1. winter run between the fortified churches
2. tour skiing on the hills around the village
3. winter hiking and sledging (if there will be snow)
4. activities of knowledge and survival in nature (for children from the age of 4 years)
5. for adults and children: yoga and mindfulness time
All activities include picnic packages - made by the local community, with seasonal food

- craft, culinary and agricultural workshops -
1. participation in activities related to the preparation of the holidays: pork chopping, preparation of local specialties, sausage preparation
2. how it's made workshops? Bread and polenta
3. weaving, crochet workshop
4. other winter activities in the community

In the evening
Dinner with the locals, with 4 traditional dishes.
Activities for children

1. in the guesthouses and houses of the locals (because it is December and the tent is not the wise option)

More information on Events are usually posted one month prior to their dates.

Details and bookings:

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