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Musai Experience: Forrest Trails, Rucăr


Rucăr, Viștea


29 august 2020, 06:00:00

Organized by:

Organizator / Event organizer: Asociatia My Transylvania, Comunitatea din Rucăr

My Transylvania Association, in collaboration with different partners, brings up an ingenious concept. Musai Experience is a series of events that will take place in mountain areas and around the highlands of Transylvania and will include sports and well-being activities, picnic, crafts, culinary and agricultural workshops, dinner with the locals and sleeping in tents.

Friday - Sunday / 28 - 30.08.2020

Saturday schedule:
5 active challenges (09:00 - 13:00) - all activities include lunch break and picnic packages:
MTB tour along Olt river with Tura in Nature - 4 hours / 25 km - adults
Bird watching with ornithologist - 4 hours / 3 km - adults and children from 6 years
Fishing by Olt river - early in the morning - 5 hours / 3 km adults and children from 6 years
Trail running: from the village through the glacier and through the oak and gorse forest - 3 hours / 15 km - adults
Excursion with carts on hills, picking mushrooms and plants in the forest - 4 hours / children
Yoga and mindfulness under secular oak trees - 3 hours / children and adults

In the afternoon: crafts, culinary and agricultural workshops (3pm - 5:30 pm)
Sewing and fan making, other agricultural activities
How to make cheese?
Weaving and weaving workshop
Visit to beekeepers
Painting furniture or wood.

Details and bookings:

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