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Let's keep our trails clean - Sanitation action on Via Transilvanica, Binder area


Mediaș, Hotel Binderbubi


25 februarie 2023, 08:30:00


Walking Tours Medias

On Saturday, February 25, we start a small hike on Via Transilvanica, in the Binder area, with the aim of sanitizing the path. The targeted area is the Binder hill - we go up the path, behind the Hotel Mercure Binderbubi - and go down past the Trei Stejari farm.

Meeting place: on Plopului street, after Binderbubi Hotel, near the Via Transilvanica junction
Time: 10.30
Duration: Maximum 2 hours

We meet, distribute the bags and, depending on the number of volunteers present, we will all go in the same direction or we will divide into zones. 😊
What we bring:
- Garbage bags - thank you, Eco Sal, for being with us
- Banks 😃 and mulled wine
What to bring with you:
- Appropriate clothes
- Garden gloves (so you don't put your hand directly on the sheets)
- Thermos of water

Sign up:
For a better performance of the event, please register in the form here:

Important: In case of bad weather - a large layer of deposited snow, which prevents the trash from being seen - we will postpone the event.
The action is organized by Walking Tours Medias with the support of Eco - Sal Mediaș.

Detalii și rezervări:

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