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Experience on Via Transilvanica with wine tasting




12 iunie 2022, 06:00:00

Organized by:

Anii Drumeției, Walking Tours Medias

On Sunday, June 12, we enjoy a beautiful day on Via Transilvanica, learning more about Mediaș as a wine metropolis but also enjoying some varieties from the area - one grown right on the hills of the city.
We start from the center of Mediaș and follow the markings of Via Transilvanica in the direction of Bazna. We will walk 5 km, we will admire a piece of town from above and then we will return to the center, for a wine tasting at Wine Corner. Here we will enjoy three white varieties, from 3 different wineries, all from the Târnavelor Plateau.

Meeting: 5:10 p.m., near the Via Transilvanica terminal in front of St. Margaret's Evangelical Church (46.165482, 24.350497)
Address: George Enescu Square no
If you come with:
The 15.14 train from Sibiu: get out of the station, take it straight ahead and in 7 minutes you will be in the center
(If you take the 12:15 train, you will have time to visit St. Margaret's Church, for which you should reserve at least 30 minutes; even 50, if you choose to visit the medieval prison)
Bus from Sibiu: there is a minibus that leaves at 14.45 from Transmixt Station and arrives at 16.20 in Mediaș
Personal car: there are parking spaces right in George Enescu Square
It is a light ride, suitable for beginners. Due to the wine tasting, the event is addressed to people who are 18 years old or older.

About the route:
Route difficulty: easy as difficulty;
Distance: 10 km (5 km round trip, 5 km round trip)
Altitude difference: 120 m;
Total duration of the experience: 4 hours (2 hours hiking, about 2 hours tasting);

Must have:
Hiking boots
Water bottle (2 liters)
Trekking poles

Guide: Ioana Pătrășcoiu
Information by phone: 0 729 05 06 36
Costs: 120 lei / person
The price includes: guide, tasting 3 wines
For tickets:
The experience will take place with a minimum number of 8 people.
The number of available seats is limited to 13 people.
The "Hiking Years" program is initiated and funded by the Sibiu County Council, in collaboration with the Sibiu County Tourism Association.
The main purpose is to improve the hiking infrastructure in the county and to promote ecotourism-specific activities.

Details and bookings:

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