Hiking on Via Transilvanica: Mălâncrav - Florești


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A delightfull Saturday hiking on Europe's newest long trail: Via Transilvanica. A visit back in time to the fortified church in Malâncrav and traditional shepperd lunch at Stâna de pe Coline

● We visit the fortified church in Mălâncrav and take a quick tour around the Apafi Manor
● We walk through the flowering apple orchard
● We start an easy hike on Via Transilvanica,
● We stop in Floresti, at the Coșorean family sheepfold, where our hosts prepared an honorable meal with local products
● We will be surrounded by farm animals: dogs, cats, goats, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, pigeons.

We leave from Mălâncrav at 10 AM.
Meeting point: in the village, on the main street, coordinates Google Maps (46.1099126338198, 24.64995588592666)

The hike is a light one (6 km).

After lunch, the hosts will transfer all the participants to Mălâncrav by minibus.

We rejoice going outside, breath the fresh air regardless of the weather and we enjoy traditional dishes from the sheepfold.

Adult - 110 lei, child (up to 14 years old) - 20 lei.
Services included: guides and sheepfold snack.
Transport is available from Sibiu (maximum 10 places) or Sighisoara (maximum 3 places) upon reservation.

Adela - 0743 377 969
Florin - 0740 205 877

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Deadline for reservations: April 2nd, 12:00


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