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Family hike on Hârtibaciului Valley




22 octombrie 2022, 07:30:00


Anii Drumeției

We will start from the vicinity of the fortified Church of Hosman, where we will find a place to leave the cars and we will go up to the south, in the direction of the village of Glâmboaca located on the banks of the Olt. Arriving at the top of the hill, we will admire the panorama of the majestic Făgăraș Mountains and, after a short break for a snack, we will continue a little to the east in the direction of the village of Fofeldea, then we will turn north to return, on a path through the forest, to Hosman.

For those who heroically resisted to the end, we will have a culinary surprise that will make them happy at the end of the hike.

The tour is suitable for people with minimal physical condition and children.

For those leaving from Sibiu: 10:00 a.m., in the parking lot of the Hobby Mobilă store in Ștefan cel Mare street no. 195, at the exit towards Agnita.

For those who come directly to Hosman: meeting on the street with the fortified Church in the village. At the end of the shift, we will recover the cars from there as well.

60 lei/adult or child over 14 years old; 10 lei/child under 14 years old.

The tour will be held with a minimum of 12 adult participants.

Children from 5 years and above can participate, provided they are accompanied by an adult (parents are responsible for assessing the difficulty of the route for children).

We can provide round-trip transport, for a fee, of a no. limited by people.
To reserve a place, please contact us by phone at no. 0722-177001, after registering.

After completing the registration process, the guide (Dumitru Troanca) will create a WhatsApp group that we will organize / redistribute in the cars of those who come by car.
Their transport costs will be jointly covered by the occupants of the respective car (the approximate cost will be 15 lei / person).

Distance: 12 km
Difference in level: 290 meters

Detalii și rezervări:

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