Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat


Alma Vii


18 martie 2022, 12:00:00


Alma Via Guesthouse, Karunasmi Yoga

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🌞 With the spring equinox approaching, we are inviting you to focus on rebirth and balancing the inner energy, through yoga, breathing and nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles - a healing combination for body, mind and soul.
🏡 The location offers a nurturing space that invites you to introspection and recharging with care, peace, self-love and love for everything around us. The surrounding hills and landscape create a suitable setting for disconnection from the fast-forward life of the city, current contexts and for reconnection with nature and with one's own thoughts, emotions and inner strength.
🧘🏻‍♀️ The package includes:
2 nights accommodation
4 meals and 2 vegetarian snacks based on Ayurvedic principles
4 yoga sessions
Full Moon ritual and campfire
Equinox Meditation
Integration Game Session
Ayurveda Workshop
✨ Packages available:
Place in a single room - 1900 lei
Place in a double room - 1600 lei

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