A-C Leonte & Alex Arcuș: Artist in Church in Mălâncrav




29 august 2020, 17:30:00


Mihai Eminescu Trust, UCIMR


The artists A-C Leonte and Alex Arcuș have been in residence since the beginning of July in a Saxon house in the village of Floresti, Laslea. During the residency, the two compose original music and do a series of music workshops with children from 2 villages around.

"Artist in Church" is the newest project that will resonate this late summer in Transylvanian Highlands, a unique multimedia show with music created by soloist Ana-Cristina Leonte and saxophonist Alex Arcuș during their residency in a village located in end of a road. The sound mix combines organic elements detached from the rural environment, with electronic breezes inspired by the acoustics of the 15th century church in which the two have worked. The final result? A musical and spiritual journey enhanced by video projections and light design, all in 4 speciallu unique heritage locations.

The first show will take place outdoors in the courtyard of the Apafi Mansion in Mălâncrav (Malmkrog), built in the 15th century and located above the village, next to the church and orchard.
A-C Leonte - vocals, violin, looping & fx
Alexandru Arcuș - sax, flute, horse & fx
Cozlac Andrei - visuals & video mapping
Alexandros Raptis - light design

Reservations at sana@experiencetransylvania.ro

The audience will be limited to 50 people. The space naturally ensures a real social distance. Wearing a mask is mandatory during the show.

Detalii și rezervări: