Villa Abbatis Equestrian Center

Villa Abbatis Equestrian Center 27, Apos, Sibiu county 557036 Romania

+40 724 736 025, +40 735 334 500

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English, Romanian

Villa Abbatis is an equestrian center located in Apoș, an old Saxon village in Sibiu county, the heart of Transylvania, in an area surrounded by fortified churches and century-old forests.

Apoș lies in the Hârtibaciu Valley, the second largest natural protected area in Romania, after the Danube Delta.

Sibiu, the main city in the area, is 55 km away. Sighișoara is also 55 km away, whereas the distance to Mediaș, all beautiful Medieval cities, is 33 km.

The nearest airport is in Sibiu, but Cluj-Napoca is also a good option (155 km away).

“Villa Abbatis” is the Latin name of the village and means “The abbey-priest’s village”, because in the Middle Ages it used to belong to the Cistercian Abbey in Cârța, which had been built by Cistercian monks (a branch of the Benedictines). The legend goes that Cistercian monks were only allowed to build on swampy areas, to eat the food and use the tools they would make themselves.

The second and last-standing Cistercian church in the country is to be found in Apoș, right across the street from our equestrian center. It was built in the 14th century and its clock tower - in 1799. Truth is the area surrounding the church is still swampy today.

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The riding tours are available for beginner and advanced riders alike.


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