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The Tourism Board

The members of the Tourism Board are local organizations and actors who actively support the development of ecotourism and the destination of Transylvania Highlands. Some of them have over 15 years experience in protecting and enhancing the local heritage. Let's meet them:

Mioritics Association

The mission of Mioritics Association is to protect the national cultural and natural heritage, through projects and promotional activities, support for local producers and service providers, tourism consultancy services and for the development of thematic itineraries to highlight the heritage, events planning and activities. as well as education for small local communities (especially for children and young people).
Sibiu County Tourism Association (AJTS)

AJTS is a collaboration platform between public administrations, institutions, cultural and private tourism operators, local communities, national and international partners, to promote responsible and sustainable development, as well as efficient promotion of the tourist destination Sibiu County.

Sibiu Logo.jpg
ADEPT Transylvania Foundation

The ADEPT Transylvania Foundation is dedicated to biodiversity conservation and rural development, offering since 2004 priority to protect agricultural landscapes with High Natural Value in Transylvania. It supports communities of small farmers, who have shaped over the centuries and preserve these landscapes.

The ADEPT Transylvania Foundation Logo.j
Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation

Since 1998, the Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET) foundation has been involved in preserving the local heritage and actively contributes to the revitalization of the villages and communes in Transylvania and Maramureș, two of the most authentic areas in Europe. MET believes that all projects built by capitalizing on heritage must focus on people who live in their immediate vicinity, who continue to benefit and take care of them.

WWF Romania

WWF has been working since 2006 to protect the wild environment in the Carpathian Mountains and along the Danube: protected areas, forests, brown bears, the Danube Delta, sturgeons. In partnership with local and national authorities, NGOs and companies, WWF supports the transition to the green economy and an environmental education program for young people, through innovative approaches in the field.

WWF Logo.jpg
Local Action Group (LAG) Dealurile Târnavelor

The mission of Dealurile Târnavelor LAG is "sustainable rural zonal development by conserving and capitalizing on the main territorial competitive advantages: natural heritage (including traditional rural landscape) and cultural heritage, proof of the partnership's ability to preserve and promote local identity."

Gal Dealurile Tarnavelor Logo.jpg
Monumentum Association

The MONUMENTUM Association was founded in 2012 to give a decisive impetus to saving the built heritage in rural Romania. In addition to the information panels related to local architecture, which you see in each village, the Monumentum Association has supported the construction of a traditional tile in Apoş, but also the restoration of traditional buildings in the village of Daia.

LAG Podisul Mediaşului

Founded in November 2007, the association has the mission of developing the territory of the Mediaș Plateau, composed of 13 communes and 1 city: Dumbrăveni, Alma, Aţel, Axente Sever, Bazna, Blăjel, Brateiu, Dârlos, Hoghilag, Micăsasa, Moşna, Şeica Mică, Târnava, Valea Viilor (SB), Viişoara and Zagăr (MS).

Fortified Churches Foundation

The Saxon fortified churches are administered by the Evangelical Church of CA in Romania. Due to the emigration of the Transylvanian Saxons, the number of parishioners decreased drastically, so that many of the churches are no longer used at all or only very rarely. At the same time, the very population that erected and maintained the monuments disappeared from the villages. This is the reason that led to the establishment of the Fortified Church Foundation, which is an institution specialized in preserving the church's cultural heritage.

Hârtibaciu Microregion Local Action Group

The Hârtibaciu Microregion LAG was born in 2006 in order to protect the special but sensitive nature, to keep alive the local traditions and to offer a better perspective to its inhabitants. The association is an instrument, financed by the LEADER program, for the realization and concretization of the common principles from the 15 administrative units from the LAG territory.

Gal Podisul Mediasului Logo.jpg
logo-bserici fortif.png
Local Action Group Transylvanian Association Brasov North

The partnership formed in 2009 for the establishment of the Transylvanian Association Brasov North, was established starting from a common goal - the sustainable development of the communities in the north of Brasov County. Obtaining the legal personality of the Association was not one of the first steps.

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