Explore Transylvanian Highlands and stay active.

If you love bike and a vacation that involves lots of movement, you’ve come to the right place. Wander freely over hills and valleys, following old wagon roads that linked these villages in the Middle Ages.

Whether you prefer slow leisure rides suitable for beginners and families (more than 300 km of trails) or you are looking for an adrenaline rush and true off-road sensations (more than 100 km of fast single track trails just for that), Transylvanian Highlands is the place for you. With a wide range of trails with difficulty level than span from easy to medium-high, nobody leaves disappointed!

In total, you have over 500 km of marked trails, which connect the villages in the north of the Transylvanian Hills, following, mainly the water peak between the rivers from where you will have splendid views. Just try it!

Recommended equipment: water source, hat or head coverage (especially in the summer), proper shoes.

IMPORTANT: You are visiting a protected Natura 2000 area, with a long traditions in animal husbandry. Therefore, you may encounter wild animals and sheepfold, guarded by dogs. We recommend that you are accompanied by an experienced local guide.


Trails are also available in printed format in the new dedicated edition of Zenith Maps or on the  Zenithmaps mobile app. 

Credit foto: Daniel Secărescu

Looking for a hike and complete freedom? Try our recommended routes or plan it on your own here, using GPS tracks.

Looking for a tailor-made exprience? Contact a local guide or experience local agencies.

Viscri 125

Valea Viilor

Cincșor - Transilvania Guest Houses

Tei Teehaus - Saschiz

Villa Abbatis - Apoş

Ferma de biodiversitate Cobor

Cloașterf - Cloașterf Haus

Trailguide - Bazna

Veseud 11

Cornăţel - Ferma

Casa Kraus Criț

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