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Support the destination of the Transylvanian Highlands

Do you like the project for developing the ecotourism destination Transylvania Hills? 

Here's how you can support it: 

Spend the night in accommodations that are ecotourism friendly - details here 

Visit local artisans and buy authentic souvenirs from the villages you visit

Taste, order and ask for local products - details here

 Use local craftsmen from Transylvanian Highlands 

Donate for the trail maintenance efforts, as well as for marking of new tourist routes in the dedicated account:

  • IBAN: RO12 RZBR 0000 0600 2206 9520 

  • Account holder: Asociația Mioritics

  • Please mention the village/town or segment of the trails you want to support

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Photo Credit:

Daniel Secărescu, Cristi Radu, Sorin Onișor

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