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The story of the destination begins in 2012, when several local partners involved in a joint project , recognized the ecotouristic value of the area through a brand called "Transylvanian Hills" for the area that overlapped over protected areas Sighişoara Târnava Mare Podișul Hârtibaciului.

The destination "Transylvanian Hills" stretches around the Hârtibaci valley, the left bank of the Great Târnava and the right bank of the Olt, on an area of approximately 260,000 hectares. More than 100,000 inhabitants live in 44 communes and cities in this area.

Tourists come to the south of Transylvania (on the Sibiu - Sighișoara - Brașov axis), attracted by the wild nature, the mosaic landscapes, the meadows with secular oaks, the picturesque communities and the beauty of the quiet life they experience here. That is why we want the future of tourism in the area to maintain this picture, but to allow communities to develop.

To this end, in 2015, a Destination Management Unit was created to be a bridge between all those who are directly or indirectly involved in tourism in the region.

The Transylvanian Hills is an initiative of some important actors in the area, partners who value this particular area through the projects they implement and through the support for community development.

These are: Mioritics Association , Sibiu County Tourism Association , WWF Romania , ADEPT Transilvania Foundation , Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation , Monumentum Association, GAL Târnavelor Hills , GAL Micregion Hârtibaciu , GAL Podisul Mediaşului , GAL Braşia Nordil Romania , and Leuphana University Lüneburg .


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